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Best Afternoon Tea in Durango, CO: Top 5!

Welcome to the charming town of Durango, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado, United States. Amidst the breathtaking mountains and a vibrant local culture, there’s a delightful tradition that locals and visitors alike cherish: Afternoon Tea. This quintessential British-inspired ritual has found its home in Durango, offering a unique and enchanting experience for those seeking relaxation and refined indulgence. So, prepare to immerse yourself in the warm embrace of tradition and hospitality as we explore the best places to savor a steaming cup of tea and delectable treats during your visit to Durango, CO.

1. Old Barrel Tea Company

Old Barrel Tea Company
713 Main Ave #5424, Durango, CO 81301, USA
(970) 259-1618
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Nestled in the heart of Durango, Colorado, the Old Barrel Tea Company is a delightful haven for tea enthusiasts and wellness seekers alike. Located at 713 Main Ave, this charming little tea spot has truly captured the essence of a rejuvenating afternoon tea experience.

Upon entering the tea shop, I was immediately drawn to the fragrant aroma of their premium loose leaf teas. The selection was impressive, offering a wide range of flavors to suit every palate. From classic black teas to exotic herbal blends, there was something for everyone. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, helping me navigate through the various options and making thoughtful recommendations based on my preferences.

One standout feature at the Old Barrel Tea Company was their collection of raw and unfiltered honey. It added a unique twist to the tea-drinking experience, allowing patrons to sweeten their cuppa naturally and indulge in the harmonious combination of flavors.

What truly set this afternoon tea experience apart was the incorporation of gourmet herbs, spices, and essential oils into some of their teas. These delightful infusions elevated the taste and added an extra layer of complexity to each sip. It was evident that the team at Old Barrel Tea Company takes great pride in sourcing and blending the finest ingredients to create these aromatic delights.

Beyond their impressive tea selection, the Old Barrel Tea Company also offered a range of wellness products. From calming herbal remedies to invigorating aromatherapy oils, the shop felt like a treasure trove for those seeking holistic well-being.

The ambiance was warm and inviting, making it a perfect spot to unwind and savor a moment of tranquility. The rustic décor, coupled with soft background music, created a soothing atmosphere that encouraged relaxation and connection.

In conclusion, my experience at the Old Barrel Tea Company was nothing short of delightful. The fusion of high-quality loose leaf teas, raw honey, gourmet infusions, and wellness products made it a unique and memorable afternoon tea destination. If you find yourself in Durango, make sure to pay a visit to this charming tea spot and indulge in their soul-nourishing offerings.

2. Create Art and Tea

Create Art and Tea
1015 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301, USA
(970) 764-4104
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Nestled in the heart of Durango, Colorado, Create Art and Tea is a charming haven where art and tea gracefully unite. Located at 1015 Main Ave, this delightful tea house exudes a warm and inviting ambiance that draws you in from the moment you step through its doors.

The moment I entered, I was captivated by the fusion of creativity and tranquility that enveloped the space. The interior, adorned with artistic masterpieces, showcased local talents while providing a serene backdrop for tea enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

As I settled into my cozy corner, I was greeted by a vast selection of teas from around the world, each exuding its distinct aroma. The knowledgeable staff was more than happy to guide me through the tea offerings, and their passion for the art of brewing was evident in their every word.

Opting for a traditional English afternoon tea, I was presented with a beautifully arranged tiered stand adorned with delectable treats. The selection included dainty finger sandwiches with an array of fillings, freshly baked scones paired with clotted cream and preserves, and an assortment of delightful pastries that showcased the skill of their in-house bakers.

The tea itself was a symphony of flavors that delighted my palate. From the soothing floral notes of Earl Grey to the robust richness of a freshly steeped Assam, each cup was a journey through the world of tea.

Apart from their exceptional tea and culinary offerings, Create Art and Tea also offered a unique opportunity to unleash my creative side. The art station, thoughtfully placed in one corner, allowed visitors to indulge in their artistic expressions. As I painted away on a blank canvas, I felt a sense of harmony with the tranquil surroundings, deepening my connection with the art of tea.

The attentive and friendly service added to the overall charm of the experience. The staff was attentive without being intrusive, allowing guests to relish their afternoon tea at their own pace.

In conclusion, my visit to Create Art and Tea was an enchanting journey that combined the pleasures of tea and art in a harmonious symphony. Whether you seek solace in a cup of tea, want to explore your creative side, or simply wish to unwind in a serene atmosphere, this place has it all. I will undoubtedly return to this gem in Durango, as it has left an indelible mark on my heart and taste buds alike.

3. Taste

2915 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301, USA
(970) 403-3078
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Nestled on Main Avenue in the charming town of Durango, Colorado, Taste offers a delightful Afternoon Tea experience that leaves a lasting impression.

From the moment I stepped inside, the ambiance exuded warmth and coziness, setting the perfect tone for a relaxing afternoon. The interior was tastefully decorated with a mix of modern and rustic elements, creating an inviting space to unwind and indulge.

The Afternoon Tea menu at Taste was a true treat for the senses. A delightful selection of finger sandwiches, each thoughtfully crafted with a variety of fresh ingredients, satisfied my savory cravings. The accompanying scones were nothing short of perfection – lightly crumbly on the outside, yet delightfully soft on the inside, and served with an assortment of homemade jams and clotted cream.

The real star of the show, however, was the selection of mouthwatering desserts. From delicate macarons to rich, velvety chocolate cakes, each treat was a work of art, both in appearance and taste. The pastry chef’s skill was evident in every bite, leaving me longing for more.

The tea itself was a revelation, featuring a wide array of aromatic loose-leaf teas to choose from. I found myself particularly drawn to the floral notes of the jasmine green tea, which paired perfectly with the sweet pastries.

What truly set Taste apart was the attentive and friendly staff. Their genuine passion for providing an exceptional experience was evident in their knowledge of the menu and their eagerness to accommodate any dietary preferences.

Although the afternoon passed all too quickly, my time at Taste was truly memorable. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful respite from a busy day or a delightful gathering with friends, Taste’s Afternoon Tea is an experience worth savoring. With its charming location, delectable treats, and impeccable service, this is a gem that locals and visitors alike should not miss.

4. The Smiley Cafe

The Smiley Cafe
1309 E 3rd Ave, Durango, CO 81301, USA
(970) 844-0771
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I recently had the pleasure of visiting The Smiley Cafe for their afternoon tea, and I must say, it was a delightful experience. Tucked away on 3rd Avenue in the charming town of Durango, Colorado, this café exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Upon entering, I was greeted by the friendly staff and the aroma of freshly brewed espresso. The café’s cozy interior with comfortable seating arrangements provided the perfect spot to wind down and relax. Whether you’re looking to catch up on work, connect with friends, or simply enjoy some quiet time alone, The Smiley Cafe has you covered.

Their menu offered a tempting array of options, and as a tea lover, I was pleased to find a selection of quality teas alongside their popular espresso drinks. The Boba options caught my eye, and I couldn’t resist trying one. The tapioca pearls added a fun and chewy element to the refreshing tea – a delightful treat on a warm afternoon.

For those with dietary restrictions, The Smiley Cafe offers gluten-free baked goods, which is a thoughtful touch and ensures that everyone can indulge in their tasty treats.

What impressed me the most was the genuine hospitality and attentiveness of the staff. They were more than happy to recommend their specialties and took the time to ensure that I had a satisfying experience.

All in all, The Smiley Cafe is a hidden gem in Durango, providing a cozy ambiance, an excellent selection of beverages, and delicious treats that cater to different preferences. If you find yourself in the area, I highly recommend paying a visit to this charming café for a relaxing afternoon tea.

5. Animas Chocolate & Coffee Company

Animas Chocolate & Coffee Company
920 Main Ave, Durango, CO 81301, USA
(970) 317-5761
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I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a delightful afternoon tea at Animas Chocolate & Coffee Company in the heart of Durango, Colorado. Nestled at 920 Main Avenue, this charming spot exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere that draws you in from the bustling streets.

The moment I stepped inside, I was greeted by the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the sweet scent of artisanal chocolates. The ambiance was cozy and relaxed, making it the perfect setting for a leisurely afternoon tea.

The tea selection was impressive, offering a diverse range of flavors to suit every palate. From classic Earl Grey to exotic herbal blends, there was something for everyone. Each cup was thoughtfully brewed, ensuring a delightful infusion of taste and fragrance.

Accompanying the tea were an array of delectable treats that delighted both the eyes and the taste buds. Delicate finger sandwiches filled with savory delights, scones adorned with clotted cream and homemade jams, and an assortment of miniature pastries tempted the senses. Every bite was a delightful journey through flavors and textures.

What sets Animas Chocolate & Coffee Company apart is their impeccable attention to detail and commitment to quality. Each component of the afternoon tea was crafted with care, reflecting a passion for both tea and confectionery. The friendly staff added to the experience, providing attentive service without being intrusive.

As I savored my last sip of tea and nibbled on the final crumbs of the delectable pastries, I couldn’t help but feel utterly content. Animas Chocolate & Coffee Company offers a memorable afternoon tea experience that will undoubtedly beckon me back for more.

Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or simply seeking a delightful way to spend your afternoon, Animas Chocolate & Coffee Company is a must-visit destination in Durango, Colorado.

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