Best Afternoon Tea in Winter Park, FL: Top 6!

Welcome to the charming city of Winter Park, FL, nestled in the heart of the United States. Amidst its picturesque streets and historic landmarks, there’s a timeless tradition that promises to warm both your heart and soul—Afternoon Tea. Embracing the grace and elegance of this cherished custom, Winter Park invites you to indulge in a delightful experience like no other. Step into a world of refined tastes and old-world charm as you savor a selection of fine teas, delectable treats, and engaging conversations. Whether you’re seeking a serene respite from the winter chill or a gathering with friends to create cherished memories, Afternoon Tea in Winter Park offers a haven of comfort and sophistication that will leave you enchanted and longing for more. Join us as we uncover the enchanting journey of Afternoon Tea in this enchanting Florida city.

1. Krungthep Tea Time

Krungthep Tea Time
1051 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789, USA
(407) 733-3561
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Krungthep Tea Time is a delightful gem tucked away at 1051 W Fairbanks Ave in Winter Park, FL. As soon as you step inside, you’re greeted by a snug and hip atmosphere that sets the perfect mood for a relaxing afternoon tea experience.

The highlight of Krungthep Tea Time is undoubtedly their unique blend of Thai flavors infused into classic sandwiches, salads, and desserts. The fusion of traditional tea time treats with exotic Thai elements creates a taste sensation that is both surprising and delightful. Each bite is a harmonious dance of familiar and new flavors, leaving your taste buds thoroughly satisfied.

The menu boasts an impressive selection of signature tea drinks, which complement the food offerings perfectly. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or just someone who appreciates a good cuppa, the variety of teas available is sure to cater to all tastes and preferences.

Apart from the delectable treats and teas, the service at Krungthep Tea Time is warm and attentive. The staff members are knowledgeable about the menu and are happy to provide recommendations based on your preferences. Their friendly demeanor adds to the overall inviting ambiance of the place.

The location itself adds to the charm of the experience, as Winter Park exudes a quaint and picturesque vibe. It’s the ideal spot to unwind, catch up with friends, or simply enjoy some quiet time alone with a cup of tea and a delicious Thai-infused dessert.

In conclusion, Krungthep Tea Time offers a one-of-a-kind afternoon tea experience that beautifully blends traditional tea time favorites with exotic Thai flavors. The combination of delicious food, signature tea drinks, and welcoming ambiance makes it a must-visit destination for tea enthusiasts and foodies alike. Whether you’re in Winter Park or planning a visit to the area, Krungthep Tea Time is a tea lover’s haven that should not be missed.

2. Krave Tea

Krave Tea
839 S Orlando Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789, USA
(407) 951-8869
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Krave Tea in Winter Park, Florida, is a delightful gem that warmly welcomes tea enthusiasts and boba lovers alike. Nestled at 839 S Orlando Ave, this locally owned and operated boba tea shop exudes a charming and inviting atmosphere. With a solid fan base of 838 likes and engaging conversations among visitors, it’s evident that Krave Tea has created a space where people love to gather and indulge in handcrafted milk teas.

As I stepped inside, the aromatic scent of freshly brewed teas immediately caught my attention. The interior boasted a cozy ambiance with comfortable seating, perfect for enjoying a leisurely afternoon tea. The friendly staff welcomed me with a warm smile and was more than happy to guide me through their extensive menu.

The array of handcrafted milk teas they offered was impressive, each with its own unique blend of flavors and toppings. I opted for their signature boba tea, a delightful concoction that combined the creaminess of milk tea with the chewy goodness of tapioca pearls. The first sip was pure bliss – a harmonious fusion of tea, milk, and sweetness that danced on my taste buds. It was evident that the tea was prepared with care and attention to detail.

Beyond the delicious boba tea, Krave Tea also offered an assortment of other beverages and snacks. From fruity iced teas to velvety smoothies, there was something for every palate. I couldn’t resist trying some of their delectable snacks, which complemented the drinks perfectly.

The staff’s passion for their craft was evident in every aspect of the experience. They were not just making beverages; they were crafting delightful moments for their customers. The love they put into each cup was palpable, making the visit all the more enjoyable.

Krave Tea proved to be a place worth revisiting, especially for those seeking a delightful respite from the bustle of daily life. The combination of friendly service, delectable beverages, and a cozy ambiance made it an ideal spot to unwind and savor the simple pleasures of life. If you find yourself in Winter Park, Florida, and have a penchant for boba tea, Krave Tea is an absolute must-visit destination.

3. Bonsai Tea

Bonsai Tea
519 S Park Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789, USA
(407) 775-6000
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Nestled in the heart of Winter Park, Florida, Bonsai Tea is a hidden gem that captivates visitors with its tranquil charm and exquisite tea offerings. Tucked away at 519 S Park Ave, this cozy teahouse beckons tea enthusiasts and casual patrons alike to immerse themselves in a serene afternoon tea experience.

Upon entering Bonsai Tea, one is immediately enveloped in a soothing ambiance that exudes warmth and relaxation. The interior is tastefully adorned with traditional Japanese-inspired decor, creating a seamless fusion of cultures that adds to the uniqueness of the place. Soft lighting and gentle background music further enhance the atmosphere, allowing visitors to unwind from the bustling world outside.

The tea selection at Bonsai Tea is nothing short of impressive, catering to a diverse range of tastes. From delicate white teas to bold black teas, and from earthy pu-erh teas to refreshing green teas, there’s a cup to satisfy every palate. The knowledgeable staff stands ready to guide guests through the array of choices, making the selection process a delightful journey in itself.

For the food connoisseur, Bonsai Tea offers an enticing assortment of delectable treats to accompany the tea. From freshly baked scones, adorned with clotted cream and preserves, to delicate finger sandwiches filled with savory delights, the afternoon tea spread is an exquisite blend of flavors and textures.

One of the highlights of the experience is the impeccable service. The staff at Bonsai Tea is attentive and personable, ensuring that every guest feels welcome and cared for. Their passion for tea and their dedication to creating a memorable experience for visitors shines through in every interaction.

Whether you’re seeking a moment of solitude, a cozy catch-up with friends, or an escape from the daily grind, Bonsai Tea is the perfect destination. Its serene ambiance, extensive tea selection, and delightful treats make it an enchanting spot for an afternoon tea indulgence. If you find yourself in Winter Park, don’t miss the opportunity to unwind and savor the pleasures of Bonsai Tea.

4. Bubble & Co Tea Bar

Bubble & Co Tea Bar
136 Lake Ave, Maitland, FL 32751, USA
(407) 751-7340
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Nestled in the charming city of Maitland, Florida, Bubble & Co Tea Bar offers a delightful escape into a world of culinary bliss and camaraderie. As I entered the tea house located at 136 Lake Ave, I was immediately greeted by a warm ambiance and the inviting aroma of freshly brewed teas.

Bubble & Co’s philosophy revolves around the simple yet powerful idea of finding joy in food and friendships. This sentiment was clearly reflected in their offerings. The moment I took my first sip of tea, I could taste the difference – a burst of natural flavors that could only come from using fresh ingredients, eschewing any artificial or powdered substitutes.

The menu boasted an impressive array of tea options, from classic blends to unique and adventurous flavors. I opted for their signature blend, and it did not disappoint. Each cup was crafted with care, exuding a perfect balance of taste and aroma.

What truly sets Bubble & Co apart is their commitment to using only the finest and freshest ingredients. This dedication was evident not only in their teas but also in their delightful selection of accompaniments. From scrumptious scones to delectable finger sandwiches, every bite was a testament to the quality and attention to detail.

The atmosphere inside the tea bar was cozy and inviting, making it the ideal spot to relax and enjoy a leisurely afternoon tea. The staff was friendly and attentive, adding to the overall delightful experience.

Bubble & Co Tea Bar truly delivers on its promise of a joyful and flavorful tea experience. If you find yourself in Maitland, Florida, and in need of a respite from the ordinary, do yourself a favor and pay a visit to this charming tea house. You’ll be treated to a delightful journey of tastes, all made with love from the freshest ingredients. It’s a haven for tea lovers and food enthusiasts alike – a place where you can savor not just tea, but also the pleasure of good company and heartwarming memories.

5. Infusion Tea

Infusion Tea
1600 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL 32804, USA
(407) 999-5255
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I had the pleasure of visiting Infusion Tea for an afternoon tea experience, and I must say, it was truly delightful. Nestled in a charming location at 1600 Edgewater Dr, Orlando, FL, this bright and inviting cafe cum shop offered a warm and welcoming atmosphere that instantly put me at ease.

What stood out to me was their emphasis on light vegetarian fare and an impressive selection of organic tea blends. As a tea enthusiast, I was thrilled to explore their diverse range of teas, each one carefully crafted to perfection. From classic black teas to aromatic herbal infusions, Infusion Tea had something to please every palate.

The afternoon tea spread was a delightful affair, complete with delectable treats that perfectly complemented the teas. The finger sandwiches were fresh and filled with an assortment of delicious fillings. The scones were heavenly, served warm with a generous dollop of clotted cream and fruity jams. And the sweet treats were a true indulgence, leaving me with a sense of satisfaction and happiness.

The staff at Infusion Tea were not only attentive but also knowledgeable about their teas and menu offerings. They were more than happy to assist with recommendations, ensuring that every guest had a personalized experience.

The ambiance was cozy and comfortable, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely afternoon tea with friends or even a solo retreat to unwind and recharge. The blend of soothing colors and charming decor added to the overall appeal of the place.

In conclusion, Infusion Tea is a hidden gem in Orlando, offering an enchanting afternoon tea experience that should not be missed. The combination of delicious vegetarian fare, a wide array of organic tea blends, and the inviting ambiance make it a must-visit for tea lovers and food enthusiasts alike. I am already looking forward to my next visit to savor more of their delightful teas and treats.

6. Tea and Tea Cafe

Tea and Tea Cafe
127 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789, USA
(407) 800-6100
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Nestled on the quaint streets of Winter Park, Florida, Tea and Tea Cafe proved to be a delightful destination for tea enthusiasts and foodies alike. As I stepped inside, I was immediately captivated by the refined ambiance that exuded a charming blend of modernity and old-world charm.

The tea selection at Tea and Tea Cafe was simply impressive. From iced and hot tea drinks to an array of aromatic loose-leaf teas, there was something to please every palate. As a tea lover, I couldn’t resist exploring the vast assortment of teas available by the ounce, which offered a chance to savor a variety of flavors.

The afternoon tea experience wouldn’t have been complete without some delectable accompaniments, and Tea and Tea Cafe did not disappoint. The sandwiches and pastries on offer were a true testament to culinary craftsmanship. Each bite was a symphony of flavors, carefully curated to complement the tea selection.

Service was attentive and friendly throughout my visit. The staff’s passion for tea was evident as they expertly guided me through the menu and shared their knowledge, making the experience even more enjoyable.

The location of Tea and Tea Cafe was also worth mentioning. Situated on W Fairbanks Ave, the cafe’s setting added to the overall charm of the afternoon tea experience. It was a perfect spot to unwind, catch up with friends, or simply indulge in a moment of tranquility.

In conclusion, Tea and Tea Cafe offered a refined and delightful afternoon tea experience. Whether you are a seasoned tea connoisseur or someone looking to explore the world of teas, this charming cafe is undoubtedly worth a visit. The combination of excellent tea choices, scrumptious treats, and warm hospitality made it an afternoon well spent. I’ll certainly be returning to savor more of their delightful offerings in the future.