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Best Afternoon Tea in Belmar, NJ: Top 2!

Welcome to the charming coastal town of Belmar, nestled in the heart of New Jersey, United States. Here, amid the picturesque landscapes and soothing ocean breeze, lies a delightful tradition that has captured the essence of elegance and relaxation – Afternoon Tea. Steeped in history and refined in taste, Belmar offers a unique experience for tea enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Whether you seek a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life or an opportunity to savor delectable treats in a quaint setting, Afternoon Tea in Belmar promises an unforgettable journey into a world of sophistication and indulgence. Join us as we explore the finest establishments that grace this charming coastal town, each one offering its own distinct charm and a perfect blend of tradition and modernity for an afternoon that is both leisurely and refined.

1. Sweet Tease Tea Room

Sweet Tease Tea Room
604 Main St, Belmar, NJ 07719, USA
(732) 722-8030
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Located on the charming Main Street of Belmar, NJ, Sweet Tease Tea Room is a true hidden gem that exudes an air of elegance and tranquility. Stepping inside, I was immediately captivated by the warm and inviting atmosphere. Soft pastel hues adorned the walls, and dainty teacups lined the shelves, creating a picture-perfect setting for a traditional afternoon tea experience.

The staff at Sweet Tease Tea Room were incredibly attentive and friendly, making us feel like valued guests from the moment we arrived. They were more than happy to guide us through their extensive tea selection, which boasted an impressive array of flavors, from classic Earl Grey to exotic fruit-infused blends.

The afternoon tea spread was a delightful assortment of both savory and sweet treats. The finger sandwiches were a delectable mix of cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon with dill, and egg salad, all nestled between soft and freshly baked bread. The scones were simply heavenly – golden and buttery on the outside, while light and fluffy on the inside, served with clotted cream and a selection of house-made preserves.

As a tea enthusiast, I was particularly impressed by the careful attention paid to steeping the tea to perfection. Each pot arrived at our table with a charming hourglass timer, ensuring that we could savor every sip at its optimal strength.

To conclude the delightful affair, the dessert selection was a mouthwatering array of petit fours, macarons, and miniature cakes, each beautifully crafted and bursting with flavor. The presentation itself was a feast for the eyes, making the whole experience feel like a true indulgence.

Throughout our visit, the ambiance at Sweet Tease Tea Room remained soothing, providing the ideal setting for a leisurely afternoon spent in the company of good friends or loved ones. Time seemed to slow down as we sipped our tea, nibbled on delectable treats, and enjoyed the company of our fellow patrons.

Overall, my experience at Sweet Tease Tea Room was nothing short of delightful. From the warm and attentive service to the exquisite array of flavors, this charming tea room is a must-visit for anyone seeking a taste of old-world elegance and an unforgettable afternoon tea experience. I left with a contented heart, already looking forward to my next visit to this lovely tea haven on Main Street.

2. Tranquil Garden Tea Room

Tranquil Garden Tea Room
c/o The Inn At The Shore, 301 4th Ave, Belmar, NJ 07719, USA
(732) 308-8159
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Nestled within the charming inn, The Inn At The Shore, the Tranquil Garden Tea Room in Belmar, NJ, is a hidden gem that truly lives up to its name. Stepping into this quaint tea room, I was immediately struck by the serene ambiance and the inviting aroma of freshly brewed teas.

The interior was tastefully decorated, exuding a delightful mix of vintage charm and modern elegance. Soft pastel hues adorned the walls, complemented by floral patterns that added a touch of sophistication to the space. The tables were neatly set with fine china, and the gentle background music added to the overall tranquil atmosphere.

The afternoon tea menu presented an array of delectable treats that catered to both traditional and modern tastes. From classic cucumber sandwiches with a hint of dill to scrumptious scones served with clotted cream and homemade preserves, each bite was a delightful experience.

The tea selection was impressive, featuring an assortment of premium loose-leaf teas from various regions around the world. I opted for the signature Tranquil Garden blend, a delicate and fragrant mix of jasmine, chamomile, and rose petals, which was a true delight for the senses.

What truly set the Tranquil Garden Tea Room apart was the attentive and warm service provided by the staff. The servers were knowledgeable about the teas and menu offerings, ensuring that each guest’s dietary preferences were catered to with care.

The highlight of the experience was undoubtedly the lush garden terrace adjacent to the tea room. Bathed in natural light, the outdoor seating area was adorned with blooming flowers and lush greenery, providing a picturesque view while sipping on tea and savoring the treats.

Overall, my visit to the Tranquil Garden Tea Room was an enchanting experience that left me feeling relaxed and pampered. From the ambiance to the delectable offerings and excellent service, it was a true haven for tea enthusiasts seeking a serene and delightful afternoon tea experience.

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