Best Afternoon Tea in Ottawa, ON: Top 8!

Nestled in the heart of Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, lies a delightful tradition that has charmed locals and visitors alike for generations – Afternoon Tea. This quintessentially British ritual has found its home amidst Ottawa’s charming cafes, elegant hotels, and historic tea rooms, offering a serene escape from the bustling city life. Steeped in elegance and old-world charm, Afternoon Tea in Ottawa promises an exquisite experience, where time-honored customs blend seamlessly with the city’s contemporary flair. Whether you seek a serene moment to savor delectable pastries and sandwiches or wish to partake in a delightful conversation with friends over a steaming teapot, the Afternoon Tea culture in Ottawa invites you to indulge in an unforgettable experience that transcends time and culture.

1. The Vanitea Room, A Tea Salon & Eatery

The Vanitea Room, A Tea Salon & Eatery
551 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 5J9, Canada
(613) 695-8832
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The Vanitea Room, A Tea Salon & Eatery, tucked away on 551 Somerset St W in Ottawa, Canada, proved to be an absolute gem for indulging in a quintessential English-style afternoon tea experience. From the moment I stepped inside, the ambiance exuded elegance and charm, setting the perfect tone for an afternoon of leisure and delightful treats.

The attention to detail was apparent from the start, as the staff warmly greeted me and guided me to my cozy table adorned with fine china and crisp linen. The interior was tastefully decorated, with a subtle nod to vintage aesthetics that added a touch of nostalgia to the whole affair.

The highlight, of course, was the tiered trays laden with an array of sweet and savory delights. Each morsel was a masterpiece in itself, expertly crafted and thoughtfully presented. The selection of teas was equally impressive, catering to all palates, from classic Earl Grey to exotic herbal blends. Sipping on the hot, aromatic tea while nibbling on delicate finger sandwiches, scones, and dainty pastries made for an unforgettable culinary journey.

The staff’s attentiveness was commendable, striking the right balance between being attentive without being intrusive. They were knowledgeable about the teas and the delectable offerings, which added to the overall experience. As I leisurely savored each bite, the serene atmosphere of The Vanitea Room created a tranquil escape from the bustling city outside.

In conclusion, The Vanitea Room surpassed my expectations, delivering an afternoon tea experience that was both indulgent and sophisticated. If you find yourself in Ottawa and yearning for a taste of timeless tradition and culinary finesse, look no further than this delightful tea salon and eatery.

2. ZOE’S

1 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7, Canada
(613) 241-1414
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ZOE’S, nestled in the heart of Ottawa at 1 Rideau St, is a true gem for afternoon tea enthusiasts. This opulent venue, adorned with elegant chandeliers, transports visitors to a world of refined indulgence. Situated within the iconic Fairmont Chateau Laurier, it exudes a sense of timeless luxury.

The afternoon tea experience at ZOE’S is nothing short of delightful. The moment you step into the grand space, you’re greeted with warm smiles and impeccable service. The attentive staff ensures that every detail is taken care of, making the entire experience feel like a true pampering session.

The tea selection is extensive, with an array of flavors and blends to cater to diverse tastes. Whether you prefer a classic Earl Grey or a more exotic infusion, ZOE’S has something to please every palate. Sipping tea from the finest china amidst such regal surroundings adds an extra touch of sophistication.

The tiered stand of delectable treats is a feast for the eyes and taste buds. Delicate finger sandwiches filled with a variety of savory ingredients and artistic pastries showcasing the pastry chef’s skill await your indulgence. The scones, served warm and accompanied by clotted cream and homemade preserves, are simply heavenly.

In addition to the delightful tea and pastries, ZOE’S also offers an excellent selection of martinis and light bites for those looking to further elevate their experience. The creativity and quality of the drinks and snacks complement the overall ambiance of the venue.

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The attention to detail and the commitment to delivering an extraordinary experience make ZOE’S stand out among the afternoon tea destinations in Ottawa. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, ZOE’S promises an unforgettable afternoon tea experience that will leave you wanting to return again and again.

3. teastore

53 York St, Ottawa, ON K1N 9B7, Canada
(613) 241-1291
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Teastore on 53 York St, Ottawa, is a delightful gem for tea enthusiasts like myself. As I stepped into the shop, I was immediately drawn to its upbeat and welcoming ambiance. The shelves were adorned with an impressive array of over 300 varieties of both local and international teas, leaving me spoiled for choice.

The selection of teas available was truly remarkable, and the staff was incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their products. They were more than happy to guide me through the different flavors and aromas, making my decision-making process much easier.

The cafe area was cozy and inviting, making it the perfect spot to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea. I couldn’t resist ordering a pot of their recommended house blend, and it did not disappoint. The rich and aromatic infusion was a true delight to my senses, and I found myself savoring every sip.

Apart from the exquisite teas, Teastore also offered a variety of tea accessories, from elegant teapots to delicate infusers, providing everything a tea lover might need to enhance their tea-drinking experience.

Overall, Teastore impressed me with its extensive selection of teas, friendly staff, and inviting atmosphere. It’s a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a remarkable tea experience in Ottawa. I’ll definitely be returning to explore more of their intriguing tea offerings on my next visit to the area.

4. Quelque Chose

Quelque Chose
379 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, ON K2A 0E7, Canada
(613) 728-4562
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Nestled along Richmond Road in Ottawa, Canada, Quelque Chose is a delightful haven for all things French pastries. As I stepped inside the pastel-toned shop, I was immediately captivated by the charming ambiance and the enticing aroma of freshly baked macarons.

The array of colorful macarons on display was a sight to behold, and I couldn’t resist trying a few different flavors. Each macaron was perfectly crafted, with a delicate outer shell that gave way to a luscious, flavorful filling. From classic favorites like raspberry and pistachio to unique combinations like lavender and salted caramel, every bite was a delectable adventure.

Beyond the macarons, Quelque Chose offered an assortment of other French pastries that were equally tempting. The buttery croissants were flaky and light, just as they should be, and the pain au chocolat oozed with rich, melted chocolate. Their commitment to authentic French flavors was evident in every pastry I tried.

One of the highlights of my visit was indulging in their afternoon tea service. Served on a tiered stand, the assortment of finger sandwiches, scones, and mini desserts made for an elegant and satisfying experience. The scones were warm and crumbly, complemented perfectly by the accompanying clotted cream and jam. The sandwiches were meticulously prepared and filled with a variety of savory delights, making it a perfect balance to the sweetness of the pastries.

The attentive and friendly staff added to the overall charm of the place, providing excellent service with a warm smile. Whether you’re a French pastry enthusiast or just looking for a cozy spot to enjoy some delectable treats, Quelque Chose is definitely worth a visit.

In conclusion, Quelque Chose lives up to its name, offering “something special” for anyone with a sweet tooth. With its delightful selection of macarons, French pastries, and delightful afternoon tea, this hidden gem in Ottawa is a must-visit for those seeking a taste of France in Canada.

5. Joy on Sussex

Joy on Sussex
527 Sussex Dr, Ottawa, ON K1N 6Z6, Canada
(613) 627-2335
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Nestled in the heart of Ottawa’s charming Sussex Drive, Joy on Sussex is a trendy restaurant that exudes an air of opulence. From the moment you step in, the contemporary take on classic dishes blends seamlessly with the lavish decor, creating an inviting and delightful ambiance.

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The Afternoon Tea experience at Joy on Sussex is a true celebration of taste and elegance. As I settled into the plush seating, I couldn’t help but marvel at the stylish surroundings, which perfectly complemented the sense of occasion. The attentive staff, dressed immaculately, made the experience even more enjoyable with their warm hospitality.

The menu offered a modern twist on traditional Afternoon Tea fare, and it did not disappoint. Delicate finger sandwiches, filled with a delightful array of fillings, graced the tiered stand alongside freshly baked scones that were light and airy, served with a generous portion of clotted cream and preserves. The selection of sweets showcased exquisite craftsmanship, with each treat being a small masterpiece of flavors and textures.

To complement the culinary delights, Joy on Sussex also offered a well-curated selection of teas and cocktails. I opted for a refreshing iced tea infused with delicate herbs, which perfectly balanced the rich and indulgent treats.

As the afternoon unfolded, the ambiance became even more inviting, with soft music playing in the background and the chatter of fellow patrons adding to the atmosphere of conviviality.

Joy on Sussex’s Afternoon Tea is undoubtedly an experience worth savoring. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a moment of indulgence, this trendy restaurant offers a memorable twist on a classic tradition. From the elegant surroundings to the sumptuous culinary offerings, Joy on Sussex truly lives up to its name, bringing joy and delight to those who visit. A visit here is a must for anyone looking to treat themselves to an unforgettable Afternoon Tea experience in Ottawa.

6. Cafe Cristal

Cafe Cristal
240 Kennevale Dr, Ottawa, ON K2J 6B6, Canada
(613) 843-8989
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Nestled in the heart of Ottawa, Cafe Cristal is a hidden gem that offers a delightful afternoon tea experience. Located at 240 Kennevale Dr, this charming spot captivates guests with its whimsical decor, creating an ambiance that is both cozy and enchanting.

Stepping into Cafe Cristal, I was greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere, where the soft aroma of premium tea and coffee greeted my senses. The interior was adorned with unique and tasteful decorations, which added a touch of elegance to the overall setting.

The highlight of my visit was undoubtedly the tea selection. The premium teas available catered to various palates, allowing guests to indulge in a diverse range of flavors. Whether you’re a fan of traditional black teas or adventurous enough to try herbal infusions, there was something to please every tea enthusiast.

Complementing the teas were the delectable crêpes and pastries that graced the menu. These culinary delights were not only visually appealing but also a true treat for the taste buds. The crêpes were thin and delicately filled, while the pastries were flaky and indulgent.

The staff at Cafe Cristal were attentive and friendly, enhancing the overall experience with their impeccable service. Their knowledge of the menu and willingness to offer recommendations made the afternoon tea session feel personalized and memorable.

In conclusion, Cafe Cristal is a must-visit destination for anyone seeking a delightful afternoon tea experience in Ottawa. With its charming ambiance, premium tea and coffee selection, and scrumptious crêpes and pastries, this cafe truly stands out as a gem in the bustling city. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing solo tea time or a cozy gathering with friends, Cafe Cristal is sure to leave you with wonderful memories of a delightful afternoon.

7. Fairmont Château Laurier

Fairmont Château Laurier
1 Rideau St, Ottawa, ON K1N 8S7, Canada
(613) 241-1414
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Afternoon Tea at Fairmont Château Laurier was an exquisite experience that transported us to a world of elegance and luxury. Nestled at 1 Rideau St, Ottawa, this grand limestone property boasted polished rooms that exuded a timeless charm. The ambiance of the tea setting was nothing short of posh, setting the perfect tone for a delightful afternoon.

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The tea service was a true delight for the senses. The selection of teas offered was extensive, catering to all preferences, whether you were a fan of classic blends or adventurous herbal infusions. Each cup was served with utmost care, and the aroma of freshly brewed tea wafted through the air, promising a journey of taste and comfort.

The selection of delectable treats that accompanied the tea was a true feast for the taste buds. From dainty finger sandwiches with flavorful fillings to scrumptious scones adorned with clotted cream and preserves, every bite was a burst of flavors. The assortment of pastries and sweets was simply irresistible, leaving us longing for more.

The attentive and friendly staff made the experience even more memorable. They were knowledgeable about the teas and treats, and their warm service added an extra touch of hospitality to the affair.

The Fairmont Château Laurier’s location was an added advantage, offering breathtaking views and a picturesque setting for our afternoon tea. Moreover, the property’s amenities, including the indoor pool and gym, added to the overall allure of the place.

In conclusion, Afternoon Tea at Fairmont Château Laurier was a true indulgence in opulence and sophistication. From the refined ambiance and attentive service to the delectable treats and extensive tea selection, it was a flawless experience that left a lasting impression. Whether you are a local or a traveler passing through Ottawa, this Afternoon Tea is a must-try for anyone seeking a taste of timeless elegance.

8. Quelque Chose

Quelque Chose
70 George St, Ottawa, ON K1N 5V9, Canada
(613) 680-4563
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Quelque Chose, located on 70 George St in Ottawa, Canada, is a delightful haven for French dessert enthusiasts. The charming patisserie boasts a delectable selection of French desserts, each infused with a creative modern twist.

Upon stepping into the elegant ambiance of Quelque Chose, one is immediately greeted by the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked pastries and sweet delights. The decor exudes a quaint yet sophisticated charm, creating an inviting atmosphere to indulge in a memorable afternoon tea experience.

The desserts on offer truly embody the essence of traditional French patisserie, but with an imaginative and contemporary approach. Each delicate treat is a masterpiece in both presentation and taste, demonstrating the skill and passion of the talented pastry chefs.

Among their offerings, the macarons stand out as colorful and dainty gems, perfectly crisp on the outside with luscious fillings that burst with flavor. The éclairs are another highlight, with their creamy centers and beautifully piped toppings that showcase the attention to detail.

Moreover, the cake slices are an absolute delight, combining classic recipes with inventive twists. From the first bite to the last, the balance of flavors and textures is impeccably crafted, leaving guests craving for more.

Pairing these exquisite desserts with a carefully brewed cup of tea or a rich, velvety coffee only elevates the experience, making it an ideal spot for afternoon tea gatherings and sweet indulgence.

The attentive and knowledgeable staff at Quelque Chose enhance the overall experience, providing friendly recommendations and ensuring that guests feel warmly welcomed.

In conclusion, Quelque Chose is a gem in the heart of Ottawa, offering a delightful journey into the world of French desserts with a contemporary flair. Whether you’re a devoted fan of French patisserie or simply seeking an afternoon of decadence, this charming establishment promises a memorable and satisfying experience.