Best Afternoon Tea in London, ON: Top 10!

Welcome to the charming city of London, Ontario, where amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, there exists a delightful tradition that beckons both locals and visitors alike.

Step into a world of refined elegance and culinary indulgence as we explore the timeless ritual of afternoon tea.

Nestled within this vibrant city are quaint tea rooms and elegant cafes offering a quintessentially British experience with a Canadian twist.

From delicate finger sandwiches to decadent pastries, accompanied by a steaming pot of freshly brewed tea, each venue promises a delightful escape into relaxation and sophistication.

Join us on a journey through London’s afternoon tea scene, where every sip and every bite is a celebration of tradition, taste, and the art of leisurely enjoyment.

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Best Afternoon Tea in Ontario

1. The Tea Lounge

The Tea Lounge

268 Piccadilly St, London, ON N6A 1S4, Canada
(519) 601-8327
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The Tea Lounge in London, Canada, is a must-visit spot for anyone seeking a delightful afternoon tea experience.

Despite being a hidden gem, it stands out with exceptional service and a charming atmosphere that captivates visitors.

Whether you’re a local or a traveler, this place promises an unforgettable tea time indulgence.

Indulge in their exquisite plant-based offerings that redefine traditional afternoon tea.

From scrumptious scones to delectable finger sandwiches, every bite is a testament to their culinary mastery.

While it might be considered a bit pricey, the experience is worth every penny for those craving an authentic afternoon tea sans the champagne.

2. The Village Tea Room

The Village Tea Room

2485 Main St, London, ON N6P 1P9, Canada
(548) 689-9069
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The Village Tea Room on 2485 Main St, London, ON offers a charming afternoon tea experience.

Despite some unconventional music, the service is excellent, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Indulge in delectable treats, with scones that are a definite highlight – absolutely delicious.

While the tea selection is commendable, watch out for unexpected charges, as one customer expressed surprise at being billed $10 for a small pot of tea.

Despite some hiccups, The Village Tea Room is a nice place to try for an afternoon tea experience.

3. Villa Cornelia

Villa Cornelia

142 Kent St, London, ON N6A 1L3, Canada
(519) 679-3444
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Villa Cornelia is a charming gem tucked away in London, Ontario, offering a delightful afternoon tea experience.

The ambiance is simply enchanting, with elegant furnishings and soothing background music that sets the perfect mood for relaxation and indulgence.

Start with their exquisite Charcuterie Board, boasting fine Brie, smoked meats, and delicious chicken pate.

Follow it up with their perfectly plated steak accompanied by unique sides like baked potato squares and Toasted Brussels Sprouts with bacon.

Round off your experience with the heavenly French Tartlet paired with homemade ice cream.

4. The Tea Haus

The Tea Haus

130 King St, London, ON N6A 1C3, Canada
(519) 679-0129
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The Tea Haus on King Street is a must-visit for anyone seeking a delightful afternoon tea experience.

From its charming ambiance to the carefully curated selection of premium teas, this establishment offers a haven for tea lovers and novices alike.

Indulge in a variety of delectable treats, from delicate finger sandwiches to freshly baked scones served with clotted cream and jam.

Don’t miss out on their exquisite pastries and cakes, perfectly complementing the extensive tea menu.

Whether you’re craving something savory or sweet, The Tea Haus has something to satisfy every palate.

5. DAVIDsTEA – Masonville Place

DAVIDsTEA - Masonville Place

1680 Richmond St, London, ON N6G 3Y9, Canada
(519) 660-0550
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DAVIDsTEA at Masonville Place is a must-visit for tea enthusiasts, offering a vibrant and contemporary setting.

The extensive collection of gourmet teas and accessories provides a delightful experience for tea lovers.

Indulge in their amazing tea collection, showcasing a variety of flavors and blends.

Despite being the only customer, I felt unwelcome and had difficulty exploring different varieties.

The staff could benefit from better training to enhance the overall experience for visitors.

6. Teaopia


1105 Wellington Rd, London, ON N6E 1V4, Canada
(519) 963-0588
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With its charming decor and friendly staff, it’s an inviting spot to enjoy a leisurely tea break.

From delicate finger sandwiches to decadent pastries, each bite is a treat for the taste buds.

Don’t miss out on their signature teas, which pair perfectly with their delectable offerings.

7. Monarch Taprobane Eminent Tea

Monarch Taprobane Eminent Tea

560 Proudfoot Ln #1004, London, ON N6H 5C9, Canada
(519) 498-4096
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If you’re seeking a serene escape in London, Monarch Taprobane Eminent Tea is a must-visit.

Nestled in a cozy corner of Proudfoot Lane, this tea room offers an exquisite experience for tea enthusiasts and relaxation seekers alike.

The ambiance is inviting, with soft lighting and comfortable seating, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Indulge in a delightful array of teas sourced directly from the lush plantations of Sri Lanka.

From robust black teas to delicate green varieties, there’s something to suit every palate.

Pair your tea with delectable treats like freshly baked scones served with clotted cream and preserves, along with an assortment of delicate finger sandwiches and pastries.

Each bite is a harmonious blend of flavors, sure to tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

8. Idlewyld Inn & Spa

Idlewyld Inn & Spa

36 Grand Ave, London, ON N6C 1K8, Canada
(519) 432-5554
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Idlewyld Inn & Spa exudes timeless elegance, housed within a charming Queen Anne-style mansion.

The serene ambiance sets the perfect backdrop for indulging in a delightful afternoon tea experience.

The attentive staff ensure a warm welcome, adding to the inviting atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home.

Savor an array of delectable treats during your afternoon tea at Idlewyld Inn & Spa.

From delicate finger sandwiches filled with gourmet ingredients to freshly baked scones served with clotted cream and preserves, each bite is a culinary delight.

Pair these delightful bites with a selection of premium teas, carefully curated to complement the flavors and enhance your overall experience.

9. Unicorn Tea House

Unicorn Tea House

746 Richmond St, London, ON N6A 3H3, Canada
(519) 645-7666
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Unicorn Tea House on 746 Richmond St, London, is a delightful spot for afternoon tea.

The spacious interior is adorned with cute decor and plush animals, creating a charming ambiance.

The service is excellent, making it a perfect place to unwind and enjoy a leisurely afternoon.

The brown sugar latte, especially when on special, is a must-try, along with the delectable ice cream.

While the brûlée pearl milk tea and brown sugar options are good choices, the egg waffle might be too sweet for some palates.

The reasonably priced menu and well-made items, coupled with ample seating for studying or capturing cute pictures, make this tea house worth a visit.

Overall, Unicorn Tea House earns a solid recommendation, scoring around 3.5/5, with room for improvement.

10. The River Room Cafe & Private Dining

The River Room Cafe & Private Dining

Located Inside Museum London, 421 Ridout St N, London, ON N6A 5H4, Canada
(519) 850-2287
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The River Room Cafe & Private Dining offers a serene ambiance inside Museum London, making it a delightful spot for afternoon tea.

The elegant setting, coupled with attentive service, creates a relaxed atmosphere perfect for unwinding with friends or family.

From fluffy scones with clotted cream to delicate finger sandwiches, the menu offers a delightful array of sweet and savory options.

Don’t miss out on their exquisite selection of teas, which perfectly complement the delicious pastries and sandwiches.

10 Best Afternoon Tea in London, ON, Canada for 2024

  • The Tea Lounge
  • The Village Tea Room
  • Villa Cornelia
  • The Tea Haus
  • DAVIDsTEA – Masonville Place
  • Teaopia
  • Monarch Taprobane Eminent Tea
  • Idlewyld Inn & Spa
  • Unicorn Tea House
  • The River Room Cafe & Private Dining