Best Afternoon Tea in Hobart Tasmania: Top 8!

Nestled in the heart of Tasmania, Australia, the charming city of Hobart beckons travelers with its picturesque landscapes and rich history. Amidst the quaint alleys and historic buildings, one timeless tradition stands out as an essential part of the city’s cultural experience – Afternoon Tea. Embracing the spirit of relaxation and refinement, Afternoon Tea in Hobart offers a delightful escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life, inviting both locals and visitors to savor a moment of tranquility while indulging in delectable treats and an assortment of fine teas. As the afternoon sun casts a warm glow over the city, this cherished ritual promises a memorable and quintessentially Tasmanian experience that lingers in the hearts of all who partake in its gracious charm.

1. Hobart Town Tea Rooms

Hobart Town Tea Rooms
Shop 1/147 Macquarie St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia
0491 356 255
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Nestled in the heart of Hobart, Tasmania, Hobart Town Tea Rooms offers a delightful escape from the bustling streets with its quaint charm and warm ambiance. Located at Shop 1/147 Macquarie St, the tea rooms welcome visitors with an inviting facade, drawing them in with the promise of a serene afternoon.

Upon entering, the gentle chime of the doorbell creates a sense of anticipation, and the interior exudes an old-world charm, reminiscent of a bygone era. The decor is an elegant blend of vintage and modern elements, creating a cozy and comfortable setting to indulge in the tradition of afternoon tea.

The attentive staff greets you with genuine smiles, setting the tone for a relaxing and enjoyable experience. The menu offers a diverse selection of teas, ranging from classic blends to unique and exotic flavors. Each cup is thoughtfully brewed, delivering a perfect balance of aroma and taste.

The star of the show is undoubtedly the tiered afternoon tea set, showcasing an array of delectable treats. From delicate finger sandwiches with various fillings to freshly baked scones served with clotted cream and homemade jam, every item on the tray is a delightful surprise for the taste buds.

The selection of sweets and pastries is equally impressive, with dainty cakes and macarons taking center stage. The patisserie’s artistry is evident in the intricate designs and harmonious flavors that leave a lasting impression.

One can’t help but admire the attention to detail in every aspect of the Hobart Town Tea Rooms experience. The crockery used adds to the charm, featuring vintage teapots and delicate china, elevating the entire tea-drinking ritual.

Throughout the afternoon, the atmosphere remains relaxed and unhurried, allowing guests to savor each bite and sip, while engaging in pleasant conversations with friends or simply enjoying the serenity of the moment.

In conclusion, Hobart Town Tea Rooms embodies the essence of a quintessential afternoon tea experience. Its idyllic location, delightful ambiance, and thoughtfully curated menu make it a haven for tea enthusiasts and anyone seeking an escape from the busy world. A visit to this charming establishment is truly a treat for the senses and an unforgettable memory to cherish.

2. Deco Lounge at The Tasman

Deco Lounge at The Tasman
12 Murray St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia
(03) 6240 6051
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Nestled in the heart of Hobart, Tasmania, Deco Lounge at The Tasman is a delightful haven for tea enthusiasts and foodies alike. From the moment you step foot into the elegant Murray Street location, you are greeted with an inviting ambiance that effortlessly combines contemporary chic with a touch of classic charm.

The afternoon tea experience at Deco Lounge is truly a feast for the senses. The elegant setting, complete with soft lighting and tasteful décor, sets the perfect stage for an indulgent afternoon escape. The warm and friendly staff add to the welcoming atmosphere, ensuring that every guest feels pampered and at ease.

The tea selection is a true highlight, offering a diverse array of fine teas from around the world. From delicate floral blends to robust, full-bodied brews, there is something to suit every taste preference. The staff is knowledgeable about the teas on offer and are more than happy to guide you through the selection process.

Now, let’s talk about the food. Deco Lounge’s afternoon tea spread is a masterful presentation of both sweet and savory treats. Delicate finger sandwiches with a variety of fillings satisfy savory cravings, while the assortment of freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam is simply divine. The pièce de résistance, of course, lies in the exquisite assortment of pastries and cakes that adorn the tiered stand. Each creation is a work of art, bursting with flavor and crafted with precision.

What truly sets Deco Lounge apart is the attention to detail. The little touches, like fine china teapots and elegant cutlery, elevate the experience to one of sheer luxury. It’s evident that every element of the afternoon tea service has been carefully curated to ensure that guests are treated to a truly memorable and indulgent affair.

In conclusion, Deco Lounge at The Tasman is a hidden gem in Hobart, offering an afternoon tea experience that is nothing short of exceptional. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing respite from the bustling city or a special celebration with loved ones, this charming venue is sure to leave you with a lasting impression. If you find yourself in Hobart, do not miss the opportunity to savor the delights of Deco Lounge.

3. Cafe Nom Nom

Cafe Nom Nom
109 Liverpool St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia
0493 493 044
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Cafe Nom Nom, located at 109 Liverpool St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia, pleasantly surprised me with its delightful afternoon tea offerings. As I walked into the charming establishment, I was immediately greeted by the inviting aroma of freshly brewed tea and the sweet scent of baked goods.

The ambiance was warm and cozy, creating a perfect setting to relax and enjoy a leisurely afternoon. Soft background music added to the soothing atmosphere, allowing me to unwind and escape from the bustling outside world.

The Afternoon Tea menu at Cafe Nom Nom was well-curated, offering a delectable selection of both savory and sweet treats. From traditional scones paired with clotted cream and homemade jam to delicate finger sandwiches filled with a variety of delicious fillings, there was something to satisfy every palate.

Their tea selection was impressive, featuring a range of classic black teas, aromatic herbal infusions, and exotic blends. Each cup was served with care, and the staff was knowledgeable about the teas, offering recommendations based on individual preferences.

I couldn’t resist trying their signature cake, and it did not disappoint. The cake was moist, bursting with flavor, and beautifully presented, making it a delightful treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.

What made the experience even more enjoyable was the friendly and attentive service provided by the staff. They were attentive without being intrusive, ensuring that my teapot was always full and that I had everything I needed.

As I savored every bite and sip, I couldn’t help but appreciate the attention to detail and the genuine passion for tea and treats that Cafe Nom Nom exuded. The experience felt like a truly special occasion, and it left me with a feeling of contentment and relaxation.

In conclusion, Cafe Nom Nom is a charming spot in Hobart to indulge in a delightful afternoon tea experience. Whether you’re looking for a place to catch up with friends, enjoy some quality family time, or simply treat yourself to a peaceful afternoon, this cozy cafe is an excellent choice. I would gladly return to Cafe Nom Nom to relish their scrumptious afternoon tea and bask in the warm hospitality they offer.

4. Gotcha House Cat and Fiddle

Gotcha House Cat and Fiddle
GF14, 51 Murray St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia
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Nestled on the ground floor of 51 Murray St, Hobart TAS, Australia, is the charming Gotcha House Cat and Fiddle, a delightful spot for afternoon tea. As I stepped inside, I was greeted by a warm and inviting ambiance that exuded a cozy English countryside feel. The decor was a beautiful blend of rustic charm and modern comfort, creating an atmosphere that instantly put me at ease.

The tea selection at Gotcha House Cat and Fiddle was impressive, offering an array of aromatic blends and classic favorites. I opted for the traditional English Breakfast tea, which was brewed to perfection and served in quaint teapots alongside adorable vintage-style cups and saucers. It was the perfect start to my afternoon tea experience.

The tiered tray of treats arrived, and it was a feast for the eyes. A delectable assortment of finger sandwiches filled with cucumber, smoked salmon, and egg salad were beautifully presented on the bottom tier. Each bite was bursting with fresh flavors, and the bread was wonderfully soft.

Moving on to the middle tier, I discovered a tempting array of scones served with clotted cream and strawberry jam. The scones were heavenly – golden brown on the outside, fluffy and light on the inside, and they paired wonderfully with the rich clotted cream and sweet jam.

As I reached the top tier, I couldn’t help but be enchanted by the array of dainty pastries and cakes. From delectable macarons to mouthwatering lemon tarts, each dessert was a work of art. The flavors were exquisite, and I savored each sweet bite, not wanting the experience to end.

The attentive and friendly staff at Gotcha House Cat and Fiddle added to the overall wonderful experience. They were knowledgeable about the teas and menu, and their service was impeccable without being intrusive.

In conclusion, Gotcha House Cat and Fiddle provided an enchanting afternoon tea experience that was a delightful journey into the world of English tea traditions. The beautiful setting, scrumptious treats, and impeccable service made it a place I would gladly return to for another memorable afternoon tea experience.

5. Hadley’s Orient Hotel

Hadley's Orient Hotel
34 Murray St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia
(03) 6237 2999
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Nestled on 34 Murray Street in Hobart, Tasmania, Hadley’s Orient Hotel offers an elegant and delightful experience for those seeking a splendid Afternoon Tea. The charming hotel boasts a beautiful lounge area and a restaurant/bar, providing the perfect ambiance for a leisurely tea session.

From the moment you step inside, the grandeur of the place embraces you. The historic charm of the hotel adds a touch of sophistication to the Afternoon Tea affair. The attentive and courteous staff warmly welcomes guests, ensuring a pleasant and memorable visit.

The Afternoon Tea spread at Hadley’s Orient Hotel is a delightful journey of delectable treats. Served with traditional finesse, the assortment of finger sandwiches, scones, and pastries present a delightful blend of flavors. Each bite unveils a symphony of taste, leaving you yearning for more.

The scones are truly the stars of the show. Freshly baked to perfection, they are wonderfully light and accompanied by clotted cream and a selection of delightful jams that perfectly complement their taste.

The sweet treats are a feast for the eyes and taste buds alike. From intricately crafted pastries to delightful macarons, the dessert selection is a testament to the pastry chef’s skill and artistry.

To accompany the indulgent treats, an array of fine teas and beverages are available to suit every palate. Whether you prefer a classic English Breakfast tea or an aromatic herbal infusion, Hadley’s Orient Hotel has a wide selection to choose from.

The elegant surroundings and courteous service create an atmosphere that encourages relaxation and unhurried conversation. It’s an ideal place to catch up with friends, celebrate a special occasion, or simply treat yourself to a luxurious afternoon of culinary delights.

Moreover, the complimentary Wi-Fi ensures you can share your delightful experience with friends and family or catch up on work while relishing the tranquil surroundings.

In conclusion, Hadley’s Orient Hotel in Hobart offers a truly delightful Afternoon Tea experience. With its historic charm, delicious treats, and attentive service, it’s a haven for tea enthusiasts and those looking for a touch of elegance in the heart of the city.

6. Courtyard Cafe

Courtyard Cafe
40 Macquarie St, Hobart TAS 7000, Australia
(03) 6165 7002
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Nestled at 40 Macquarie St in Hobart, Tasmania, the Courtyard Cafe is a delightful haven situated within the premises of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. This charming establishment offers a tranquil escape for museum-goers and passersby alike, seeking respite from their explorations or a quiet spot to savor a delightful afternoon tea.

Upon entering the cafe, the serene ambiance immediately captures your attention. The interior boasts a tasteful blend of modern elegance and rustic charm, creating a welcoming atmosphere. The warm hues and soft lighting invite you to relax and unwind, making it an ideal spot for a leisurely break.

The Courtyard Cafe’s afternoon tea selection impresses with its delightful array of freshly baked pastries, cakes, and sandwiches. Each treat is a testament to the culinary artistry that the cafe prides itself on. The scones, in particular, steal the show – served warm and accompanied by a generous dollop of clotted cream and preserves, they simply melt in your mouth.

The tea offerings are equally impressive, featuring an extensive selection of aromatic blends that cater to various palates. Whether you prefer classic black teas or herbal infusions, there is a delightful brew to suit your taste. The attentive staff ensures that your teapot is always filled, providing excellent service throughout your visit.

What truly sets Courtyard Cafe apart is its serene outdoor seating area. The courtyard, adorned with lush greenery and blooming flowers, offers a serene oasis in the heart of the city. As you bask in the fresh air and gentle sunlight, the bustle of urban life feels a world away.

While sipping on a fragrant cup of tea and savoring delectable treats, the Courtyard Cafe experience becomes more than just a simple afternoon tea; it transforms into a moment of tranquility and appreciation for the art and history that surround you.

In conclusion, Courtyard Cafe at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery provides a charming respite for locals and visitors alike. With its delectable treats, diverse tea selection, and serene ambiance, it proves to be a delightful destination for an afternoon tea that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you’re a culture enthusiast or a tea connoisseur, this cafe is undoubtedly a gem worth discovering.

7. A Moment of Tea

A Moment of Tea
Woobys Lane, 77 Salamanca Pl, Battery Point TAS 7004, Australia
0450 400 730
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I had the pleasure of experiencing a delightful afternoon tea at A Moment of Tea, nestled on Woobys Lane in the charming neighborhood of Salamanca, Hobart. This hidden gem is a haven for tea enthusiasts, boasting an enchanting blend of Chinese and Tasmanian teas.

Upon stepping into the Tea Shop, I was immediately drawn to the warm and inviting atmosphere. The decor exuded a serene ambiance, setting the perfect backdrop for a relaxing tea time. The location on Salamanca Place adds to its charm, surrounded by the vibrant energy of the area.

A Moment of Tea truly lives up to its name, offering a wide selection of premium brews that cater to every palate. From traditional Chinese teas to the unique flavors of Tasmanian blends, the options were diverse and carefully curated. I appreciated the attention to detail in their tea menu, as it not only highlighted the flavors but also provided information on the history and origin of each tea.

The Tea Bar at the shop was a comforting spot to unwind and savor my cup of tea. The staff was knowledgeable and friendly, offering valuable suggestions and ensuring a personalized experience. It was evident that they were passionate about tea and were eager to share their expertise.

One of the highlights of my visit was participating in an authentic Tea Ceremony. The experience was mesmerizing and provided a deeper understanding of the cultural significance behind the art of tea. It was a truly immersive journey that transported me to another time and place.

Overall, my visit to A Moment of Tea was a memorable one. The combination of Chinese and Tasmanian teas, the cozy ambiance, and the genuine passion for tea made it an exceptional afternoon tea experience. If you find yourself in Battery Point, Tasmania, I highly recommend indulging in the delights of A Moment of Tea. It’s a tea lover’s paradise that will leave you with cherished memories and a newfound appreciation for the world of tea.

8. The Duchess Cafe

The Duchess Cafe
231 Sandy Bay Rd, Sandy Bay TAS 7005, Australia
(03) 6224 4231
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Nestled along 231 Sandy Bay Rd in the charming town of Sandy Bay, Tasmania, The Duchess Café exudes an inviting charm that beckons locals and tourists alike. With a modest yet impressive following of 2,152 likes on social media and positive buzz, I was eager to experience what this café had to offer.

Upon arrival, the café’s quaint exterior and warm ambiance welcomed me, setting the stage for a delightful afternoon tea experience. The location proved to be perfect, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The Duchess Café boasts a well-rounded menu, catering to patrons throughout the day. As I arrived during the afternoon tea hours, I opted to indulge in their renowned high tea. The selection of teas presented was diverse, catering to both traditional and adventurous palates. The tea was served with grace, and the staff’s knowledge and enthusiasm added to the experience.

The highlight of the afternoon tea was undoubtedly the delectable array of treats that adorned the tiered stand. From delicate finger sandwiches with various fillings to freshly baked scones, accompanied by clotted cream and luscious jam – every bite was a symphony of flavors. The patisserie delights, including macarons, pastries, and petite cakes, were a feast for the eyes and tasted as good as they looked.

What stood out about The Duchess Café was their attention to detail and dedication to using high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. It was evident in each dish’s presentation and taste, showcasing the culinary expertise of the chefs behind these creations.

The ambiance of the café added to the overall experience. Soft, soothing music played in the background, encouraging relaxed conversation while enjoying the afternoon tea. The café’s licensed status also allowed patrons to savor a glass of wine or a refreshing cocktail to complement the tea selection.

Throughout my visit, the staff proved to be attentive and friendly, providing excellent service without being intrusive. Their passion for the café and their craft was evident, creating a welcoming atmosphere for all guests.

In conclusion, The Duchess Café in Sandy Bay is a delightful destination for afternoon tea enthusiasts. With its charming location, delicious offerings, and warm hospitality, it undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking a refined and enjoyable afternoon tea experience in Tasmania.