Best Afternoon Tea in Rotterdam: Top 19!

Imagine a leisurely afternoon in Rotterdam, where the hustle of the city gives way to the clinking of fine china and the rustle of pastry wrappers.

Here, the tradition of afternoon tea becomes a delightful pause in the day, a moment to savor the fusion of Dutch charm and the timeless elegance of this quintessentially British ritual.

In cozy cafés or sunlit terraces, each sip of tea and bite of a stroopwafel or delicate sandwich is a taste of the city’s unique blend of culture and comfort.

Welcome to Rotterdam, where every cup of tea is an invitation to relax and indulge in the simpler pleasures of life.

1. The Tea Lab

The Tea Lab

Nieuwe Binnenweg 178A, 3015 BJ Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 213 5044
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The Tea Lab in Rotterdam is a haven for tea enthusiasts and those seeking a cozy spot to unwind.

With its modern ambiance and a wide selection of homemade cakes, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a leisurely afternoon.

Whether you’re catching up with friends or looking for a comfortable place to work, The Tea Lab’s inviting atmosphere is sure to charm you.

Indulge in a delightful high tea experience with a variety of sweet and savory treats.

Don’t miss out on their signature Tropical Sunshine smoothie for a refreshing twist, and if you’re a coffee lover, their brews are equally impressive.

The Tea Lab’s ice teas are the perfect accompaniment on a warm day, ensuring a visit here is both delicious and memorable.

2. Baker&Moore


Westblaak 147, 3012 KJ Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 341 6739
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Its industrial-chic ambiance pairs perfectly with the art of afternoon tea, providing a modern twist to the classic tradition.

Indulge in their freshly made sandwiches, which are a delight, and don’t miss out on the sumptuous salads.

For a sweet touch, the selection of yogurts is a refreshing finale to a leisurely afternoon.

3. Dudok In Het Park

Dudok In Het Park

Baden Powelllaan 12, 3016 GJ Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 290 8444
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Nestled in a historic 1750 building, Dudok In Het Park offers a serene escape with its romantic ambiance and stunning views of the Euromast.

It’s the perfect spot for a peaceful afternoon, where the hustle of the city fades into the quiet calm of the park.

While the breakfast platter may not dazzle, the pancakes, albeit small, are delightful.

For a truly enjoyable experience, indulge in a cup of tea and savor the tranquility of the park—perhaps with a book in hand.

4. By Mi & Es

By Mi & Es

Karel Doormanstraat 368-370, 3012 GR Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 313 8670
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With its commitment to fun and quality, this Rotterdam gem stands out for its vibrant atmosphere and innovative offerings that keep the experience fresh and exciting.

Indulge in the simplicity of strawberries dipped in classic coatings of white, dark, or milk chocolate.

For those seeking a twist, the French toast, laden with fruits and a cinnamon kick, is a sweet departure from the traditional.

5. Cutie pie

Cutie pie

Schilderstraat 24A, 3011 ES Rotterdam, Netherlands
06 44337895
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Step into “Cutie pie” and find yourself enveloped in a whimsical pink paradise that’s perfect for a photo-op.

This charming spot in Rotterdam offers a cozy retreat for an afternoon of gossip and relaxation with your closest friends.

Delight in the savory selection of sandwiches and wraps, freshly prepared and sure to satisfy.

While the cakes and viennoiserie might be simple, they complement the tea experience, making “Cutie pie” a delightful destination for those leisurely afternoons.

6. High Tea In Rotterdam

High Tea In Rotterdam

Lusthofstraat 27A, 3062 WB Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Nestled in the charming Lusthofstraat, “High Tea In Rotterdam” offers a quintessential afternoon tea experience.

With its cozy ambiance and attentive service, it’s the perfect retreat for tea aficionados and those looking to indulge in a slice of tradition.

The menu boasts an array of delectable treats, from classic finger sandwiches to freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam.

Don’t miss their signature pastries and a selection of fine teas that promise to delight your palate and make your afternoon tea a memorable one.

7. Dudok


Meent 88, 3011 JP Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 433 3102
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Dudok in Rotterdam stands out with its vibrant atmosphere and welcoming staff, making it the perfect spot for a leisurely afternoon.

Its central location and extended hours cater to both early birds and night owls.

The Appel Taart is a local favorite, offering a taste of Dutch tradition with every bite.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Blueberry Cheesecake is a must-try, while the Grolsch Weizen provides a refreshing complement to any snack.

8. De Bakkerswinkel

De Bakkerswinkel

Schiedamse Vest 99a, 3012 BH Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 842 1257
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De Bakkerswinkel offers a cozy spot for an afternoon break in Rotterdam, where the vibrant atmosphere adds to the charm.

Perfect for those who enjoy the lively buzz of a bustling kitchen, it’s a place where the clatter and chatter are part of the experience.

Indulge in a delightful array of treats, starting with a refreshing glass of orange juice and a warm cup of onion soup.

The vegetarian quiche is a small but satisfying prelude to a generous plate of assorted sandwiches, with the pastrami being a standout favorite.

Don’t miss the scones, served with a choice of clotted cream, lemon curd, or jam for those who prefer a tangy twist.

For a sweet finale, the coconut-almond cake comes highly recommended, alongside other delectable pastries.

Enjoy the culinary journey at De Bakkerswinkel, where each bite is a celebration of flavors.

9. High Tea Factory

High Tea Factory

Dordtsestraatweg, 3075 PJ Rotterdam, Netherlands
06 12322751
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The High Tea Factory offers a unique blend of traditional charm and modern culinary excellence.

With a wide selection of high teas and culinary arrangements, supported by the renowned Het Wapen van Degenkamp, it’s a delightful escape for tea enthusiasts and foodies alike.

Indulge in their signature scones with clotted cream and jam, or choose from an array of exquisite finger sandwiches and pastries.

Each bite is a testament to the Factory’s commitment to quality and flavor, ensuring a memorable afternoon tea experience.

10. Hotel New York

Hotel New York

Koninginnenhoofd 1, 3072 AD Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 439 0500
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Nestled by the riverside, Hotel New York’s Afternoon Tea offers a serene escape with a touch of maritime charm.

The chic ambiance, paired with the gentle hum of the river, makes for an unforgettable experience.

Indulge in the freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam, a selection of delicate finger sandwiches, and the pièce de résistance, an assortment of Dutch-inspired pastries that are as delightful to the palate as they are to the eye.

11. Taste of heaven

Taste of heaven

Jonker Fransstraat 88a, 3031 AW Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 795 5819
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“Taste of Heaven” offers a warm welcome that sets the stage for a delightful afternoon tea experience.

The ambiance radiates comfort and friendliness, making it an ideal spot for family gatherings.

Indulge in a sumptuous high tea that boasts a wide variety of teas paired with a lavish platter of sweets and savory delights.

The selection is thoughtfully curated to ensure a memorable culinary journey for all.

12. Anne&Max Korte Hoog

Anne&Max Korte Hoog

Korte Hoogstraat 20, 3011 GL Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 302 1929
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Nestled in the heart of Rotterdam, Anne&Max Korte Hoog offers a cozy retreat for tea enthusiasts and foodies alike.

Despite a bustling atmosphere, the charm of freshly prepared delicacies makes the wait worthwhile, promising an authentic high tea experience.

From savory sandwiches to sweet pastries, each bite is a testament to the care and quality put into their creation.

The freshness of the food, paired with a selection of fine teas, ensures a delightful visit.

13. Barista Cafe

Barista Cafe

Wilhelminaplein 41, 3072 DE Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 737 0019
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Barista Cafe stands out as a haven for tea enthusiasts with its charming ambiance and exceptional service.

It’s the perfect retreat for a midday break, where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee mingles with the scent of homemade pastries.

Indulge in their signature smoothies and a selection of fine teas paired with delightful sandwiches and pastries.

The cafe’s lunch offerings are a treat, ensuring a satisfying afternoon tea experience that will leave you planning your next visit.

14. Jūshī café

Jūshī café

Meent 7-9, 3011 JA Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 314 1128
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Jūshī café in Rotterdam is a haven for those who adore a charming, kawaii setting paired with a commitment to vegan delights.

It’s a unique spot that promises an unforgettable high tea experience, complete with a cozy atmosphere and a compassionate, cruelty-free ethos.

Indulge in a delightful array of vegan treats, from the sweet, chewy goodness of mochi to the savory satisfaction of gyozas and mini spring rolls.

Don’t miss out on their signature dango, a tasty rice ball treat, and the variety of unlimited teas that perfectly complement the food.

Whether you’re a vegan or just curious, Jūshī café’s menu is sure to make your heart and taste buds sing.

15. Teds Rotterdam – Op het Dak – All Day Brunch

Teds Rotterdam - Op het Dak - All Day Brunch

Schiekade 189, 3013 BR Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 800 1735
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Teds Rotterdam offers a unique rooftop experience with a terrace adorned with wildflowers and buzzing bees, creating a serene escape in the heart of the city.

The atmosphere is charmingly feminine, with a clean, cozy setting that includes free WiFi and well-maintained facilities.

While the chicken katsu sandwich is a hit-or-miss, the fries are consistently praised for their deliciousness.

Despite some inconsistencies, Teds’ inviting ambiance makes it worth revisiting for a relaxing afternoon tea.

16. Theehuis Barbaros

Theehuis Barbaros

Nassauhaven 387, 3071 JJ Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 486 2994
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Nestled in the heart of Rotterdam, Theehuis Barbaros offers a cozy retreat with its charming ambiance and delightful array of treats.

Savor the flavors of their mouthwatering sandwiches, each a testament to culinary craftsmanship.

Don’t miss out on the fresh, zesty juices and the authentic Turkish tea that complete the experience, making every visit memorable.

17. Grand Café Wester Paviljoen

Grand Café Wester Paviljoen

Mathenesserlaan 157, 3015 CJ Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 436 2645
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Nestled in the heart of Rotterdam West, Grand Café Wester Paviljoen offers a cozy escape with its inviting terrace and relaxed atmosphere.

Savor the well-prepared fish and chips paired with a refreshing glass of beer for a light yet satisfying afternoon treat.

18. Het Wapen Van Delfshaven

Het Wapen Van Delfshaven

Aelbrechtskolk 29-31, 3025 HB Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 210 5907
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Het Wapen Van Delfshaven offers a quaint and cozy spot for friends to gather and enjoy the summer days.

With friendly staff and the charm of outdoor seating, it’s a perfect place for a leisurely afternoon tea.

The high tea selection is delightful, with a variety of choices to satisfy your cravings.

While the vegan options may need a bit more attention, the overall food quality, especially the delicious offerings for special occasions, promises a satisfying experience.

19. Chocolate Company Café

Chocolate Company Café

Oude Binnenweg 109A, 3012 JB Rotterdam, Netherlands
010 310 7952
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Nestled in the heart of Rotterdam, Chocolate Company Café offers a cozy retreat for chocolate lovers and tea enthusiasts alike.

Its charming ambiance and wide selection of handcrafted chocolate treats make it the perfect spot for an indulgent afternoon break.

Don’t miss out on their signature hot chocolate, made from real melted chocolate and available in various flavors.

Pair it with a freshly baked chocolate brownie or a delicate chocolate truffle for a truly heavenly experience.

19 Best Afternoon Tea in Rotterdam, Netherlands for 2024

  • The Tea Lab
  • Baker&Moore
  • Dudok In Het Park
  • By Mi & Es
  • Cutie pie
  • High Tea In Rotterdam
  • Dudok
  • De Bakkerswinkel
  • High Tea Factory
  • Hotel New York
  • Taste of heaven
  • Anne&Max Korte Hoog
  • Barista Cafe
  • Jūshī café
  • Teds Rotterdam – Op het Dak – All Day Brunch
  • Theehuis Barbaros
  • Bar & Brasserie Water
  • Grand Café Wester Paviljoen
  • Het Wapen Van Delfshaven
  • Chocolate Company Café