Best Afternoon Tea in Eastbourne: Top 20!

Welcome to Eastbourne, a charming seaside town nestled on the south coast of the United Kingdom.

One of the quintessential British experiences you must indulge in while here is afternoon tea.

This timeless tradition offers a delightful break in the afternoon, where locals and visitors alike gather to enjoy a spread of delicate sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, and a selection of fine teas.

Eastbourne’s quaint tearooms and elegant hotels provide the perfect setting to savor this cultural ritual, often accompanied by stunning views of the sea or picturesque gardens.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply seeking a relaxing afternoon treat, afternoon tea in Eastbourne promises a truly delightful experience steeped in tradition and charm.

1. The View Hotel Eastbourne

The View Hotel Eastbourne
The View Hotel, Grand Parade, Eastbourne BN21 4DN, UK
01323 433900
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Nestled along the Grand Parade in Eastbourne, The View Hotel stands out for its seaside charm and modern amenities.

Having recently visited for a dinner, the venue impressed with its inviting atmosphere.

What truly sets it apart is the impeccable service – the staff’s professionalism, attentiveness, and cheerfulness create an unforgettable experience.

Despite a minor hiccup with the room heating, the team’s quick response and thoughtful gestures showcased their commitment to guest satisfaction.

The potential for a delightful family get-together adds to the allure of this special spot.

While the overall dinner left a mixed impression, the afternoon tea experience had its highlights.

The sweet treats stole the show with their deliciousness, providing a satisfying end to the meal.

However, the main courses fell short, featuring small portions and the unconventional use of turkey roll instead of traditional turkey.

A larger main course or a heartier starter would have enhanced the dining experience.

In summary, The View Hotel offers a pleasant afternoon tea, but there’s room for improvement in the savory offerings.

2. Langham Hotel

Langham Hotel
43-49 Royal Parade, Eastbourne BN22 7AH, UK
01323 731451
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Langham Hotel, nestled along the Royal Parade in Eastbourne, offers a delightful afternoon tea experience that’s worth indulging in.

Despite a hiccup with the printed menu choices, the attentive staff swiftly corrected the error, ensuring a smooth start to our lunch affair.

The airy restaurant, coupled with a terrace tea room, provides a casual yet elegant setting for tea enthusiasts and small groups alike.

What truly sets this establishment apart is its warm and professional staff, who embody the essence of hospitality and make every visit memorable.

The serene seafront view from the sun lounge adds to the charm, making it a must-visit destination for locals and travelers alike.

For £36 per person, Langham Hotel’s afternoon tea package offers a delightful spread, complete with a glass of prosecco, tea/coffee, and crackers.

The menu, although pre-ordered, features delectable treats that tantalize the taste buds.

Despite the small glitch in the initial menu cards, the experience was far from rushed, allowing us to savor each bite at our leisure.

From savory sandwiches to sweet pastries, the culinary offerings reflect both quality and attention to detail.

Whether you’re craving traditional scones or artisanal desserts, Langham Hotel ensures a delightful culinary journey with every visit.

3. Hydro Hotel Eastbourne

Hydro Hotel Eastbourne
Mount Rd, Eastbourne BN20 7HZ, UK
01323 720643
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Nestled in the heart of Eastbourne, Hydro Hotel offers a delightful experience for afternoon tea enthusiasts.

The warm and inviting atmosphere, coupled with sea-view rooms and suites, sets the stage for a memorable dining experience.

Indulging in the festive afternoon tea at Hydro Hotel’s conservatory was a treat for three friends.

What stood out was the unhurried pace, allowing us to enjoy the delicious spread without feeling rushed.

The service was exemplary, with a touch of humor from the professional and considerate staff.

A splendid way to spend a clear, crisp winter afternoon, Hydro Hotel provided not just a meal but an experience worth cherishing.

4. The Lansdowne Hotel

The Lansdowne Hotel
King Edward’s Parade, Eastbourne BN21 4EE, UK
01323 725174
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Nestled along King Edward’s Parade in Eastbourne, The Lansdowne Hotel is a charming, family-run Victorian gem that effortlessly transports you back in time.

The clean and traditional rooms, complete with comfortable sofas and sea views, enhance the overall ambiance.

Despite the dated corridors, the historical charm of the hotel becomes its unique feature, making it a must-visit spot for those seeking a quaint seaside retreat.

Our delightful afternoon out began with Cream tea, followed by reasonably priced juice at £6.

The food was a highlight, with a continuous flow of tea ensuring a relaxing and indulgent experience.

The restaurant adjacent to the hotel impressed during breakfast, offering hot, table-served dishes instead of the typical buffet, a thoughtful touch likely due to the low season.

The Lansdowne Hotel is not just a place to stay; it’s an immersion into the charm of yesteryears, complemented by scrumptious offerings and an abundance of warm beverages.

5. Dickens Tea Cottage

Dickens Tea Cottage
5 South St, Eastbourne BN21 4UJ, UK
01323 732637
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Tucked away in South Street, Eastbourne, Dickens Tea Cottage is a charming retreat that transports you back in time.

Stepping inside feels like entering a Dickensian world, with the tearoom adorned with fascinating memorabilia.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with impeccable service, creates a homey vibe.

Indulge in generously portioned, freshly cooked delights from their enticing menu.

Whether you’re passing through or a local, Dickens Tea Cottage promises a delightful escape with scrumptious food and a touch of literary history.

Don’t miss the chance to savor this hidden gem on South Street – a true haven for tea enthusiasts and foodies alike.

6. The Victorian Tea Rooms

The Victorian Tea Rooms
3 Grand Parade, Eastbourne BN21 3EL, UK
07838 738170
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The Victorian Tea Rooms, nestled in the charming location of 3 Grand Parade, Eastbourne BN21 3EL, UK, offers a delightful retreat with its picturesque view of Eastbourne Pier.

Boasting a warm and inviting atmosphere, this tea room welcomes guests with open arms and provides a truly friendly and lovely service.

Whether you’re seeking a moment to unwind with a cup of tea or indulge in a selection of their numerous tea varieties, this spot is a must-visit for those in search of a cozy and relaxing experience.

While The Victorian Tea Rooms offer an extensive menu featuring a variety of tea options and snacks, it’s important to note that their coffee cake may not live up to expectations.

During our visit, we found the coffee cake to be disappointingly dry and crumbly, likely due to pre-cut slices that had been sitting for some time.

However, despite this setback, the Cream tea stood out as a delightful option, and the overall experience was saved by the exceptional service provided by the staff.

7. Afternoon Tea @ York House Hotel

Afternoon Tea @ York House Hotel
14/22 Royal Parade, Eastbourne BN22 7AP, UK
01323 412918
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York House Hotel is a delightful experience that embodies the essence of a charming British tradition.

The location, overlooking the serene sea, adds a touch of elegance to the affair.

The award-winning Afternoon Tea at this venue goes beyond just serving treats; it’s about indulging in a cultural ritual surrounded by a picturesque setting.

Expect an array of delectable treats that include perfectly baked scones, topped with clotted cream and jam, delicate finger sandwiches with fresh fillings, and an assortment of heavenly pastries.

The attention to detail is evident in every bite, making it a memorable culinary experience.

Whether you’re a tea enthusiast or simply seeking a refined afternoon indulgence, this venue offers a well-curated selection that satisfies every palate.

8. JoJo’s Tea Room

JoJo's Tea Room
22 Seaside Rd, Eastbourne BN21 3PA, UK
01323 656786
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Nestled at 22 Seaside Rd, Eastbourne, JoJo’s Tea Room is a hidden gem for indulging in a delightful afternoon tea experience.

The elegant ambiance, coupled with an incredibly helpful and polite staff, makes it a must-visit.

I was pleasantly surprised on my graduation day, as the team at JoJo’s went out of their way to create a memorable celebration.

Abundant sandwiches, beyond what’s even pictured, were a prelude to the mouthwatering scones and exquisite cakes.

The delicious array was not only visually appealing but also a treat for the taste buds.

I particularly enjoyed my spot at the table by the window, adding a touch of charm to the overall experience.

Without a doubt, I highly recommend JoJo’s Tea Room for its scrumptious offerings and warm hospitality, and I eagerly anticipate my next visit.

9. Grand Hotel

Grand Hotel
King Edward’s Parade, Eastbourne BN21 4EQ, UK
01323 412345
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The Grand Hotel, nestled along King Edward’s Parade, offers a classic Victorian charm with exceptional service that sets it apart.

Beyond the 5-star facilities, it’s the little details that make the stay memorable.

The cozy rooms, comfortable beds, and thoughtful touches like quality linen create a truly luxurious experience.

The attentive concierge team adds a personal touch, making your stay more than just a hotel visit.

During our two-night stay, we indulged in a delightful afternoon tea experience at the lounge.

The menu boasts an array of treats, but the standout items were the extravagant hot chocolate and freshly baked scones.

The warm and friendly staff added to the enjoyment, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Although our room faced away from the sea, the window provided a charming view of Eastbourne.

The breakfast offered plenty of choices and impeccable service, rounding off a thoroughly enjoyable stay.

10. Deliciously Gorgeous

Deliciously Gorgeous
12 Cornfield Rd, Eastbourne BN21 4QE, UK
01323 749794
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Deliciously Gorgeous, nestled at 12 Cornfield Rd, Eastbourne BN21 4QE, UK, is a delightful gem worth discovering.

The moment you step inside, you’re greeted by great tea rooms exuding warmth and charm.

The service here is impeccable, with staff who are genuinely friendly and attentive.

Booking online is a breeze, and your table is thoughtfully reserved upon arrival.

Plus, its convenient location opposite Lakeland and close to public transport hubs makes it easily accessible for all.

Indulge in brilliant sandwiches, generously sized scones, and cakes that are simply irresistible.

The food quality rivals that of West End London standards, ensuring a memorable dining experience.

Enjoy not just one, but two servings of tea or coffee, served in large mugs and teapots.

The cozy atmosphere, complemented by clean and comfortable seating, makes every moment spent here truly enjoyable.

Whether you’re upstairs or downstairs, every corner exudes a friendly ambiance that enhances your afternoon tea experience.

11. Black Cat Tearooms

Black Cat Tearooms
50 Meads St, Eastbourne BN20 7RH, UK
01323 646590
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Nestled on 50 Meads St, Eastbourne, the Black Cat Tearooms is a delightful discovery for tea enthusiasts.

The quaint tea shop, with its basic yet inviting interior, offers a warm and charming atmosphere.

The real charm, however, lies in the hostess, a delightful lady who adds a personal touch to your tea experience.

The choice of seating, be it inside or outside under the sun-kissed awning, allows patrons to tailor their visit to their liking.

Whether you’re seeking a quiet corner or basking in the outdoor ambiance, the tearoom caters to your preferences.

Indulge in a wide array of cakes and fancy groceries that line the shelves, tempting your taste buds with sweetness.

For those looking for a heartier option, the tearoom also offers a delightful luncheon selection, featuring sandwiches and sausage rolls.

Each bite is a testament to the quality and care put into the culinary offerings, making Black Cat Tearooms a must-visit for a cozy afternoon tea experience.

12. Holywell Tea Chalet

Holywell Tea Chalet
King Edward’s Parade, Eastbourne BN20 7XB, UK
01323 410220
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Nestled along King Edward’s Parade in Eastbourne, the Holywell Tea Chalet is a hidden gem that demands a visit.

Located just a leisurely 20-30 minute stroll from Eastbourne Pier, this quaint tea room offers a serene escape.

Situated by the cliffs and sea, the Chalet boasts both outdoor and indoor seating, providing breathtaking views.

The tranquil and sheltered position adds to the charm, making it a perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon tea.

Holywell Tea Chalet doesn’t just offer tea; it provides a delightful culinary experience.

Indulge in an array of freshly baked scones, served with clotted cream and jam, a true classic.

The finger sandwiches are a savory delight, with various fillings that cater to different palates.

The assortment of pastries is a sweet finale, showcasing the chef’s skill and creativity.

Pair these delectable treats with their extensive tea selection, and you’re in for an afternoon of pure indulgence.

The combination of picturesque surroundings and delicious offerings makes Holywell Tea Chalet a must-visit for any afternoon tea enthusiast.

13. Damian’s Tearoom

Damian’s Tearoom
35 Seaside Rd, Eastbourne BN21 3PP, UK
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Located at 35 Seaside Rd, Eastbourne, Damian’s Tearoom is a hidden gem for tea enthusiasts.

The cozy ambiance is complemented by the warm hospitality of Damian and his partner.

The highlight is the opportunity to interact with adorable cats, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere.

The star of the show is Damian’s expertly brewed cup of tea, earning a solid 10/10.

The sweets offered by Damian’s partner are irresistible, adding a delightful touch to the experience.

The chance to stroke and befriend the resident cats enhances the overall charm of this tearoom.

A return visit is a must for anyone seeking a perfect blend of excellent tea, sweet treats, and feline companionship.

14. Lakeside Tea Chalet

Lakeside Tea Chalet
Hampden Park Dr, Eastbourne, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 9QR, UK
01323 502492
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Lakeside Tea Chalet, located on Hampden Park Dr, Eastbourne, promised a quaint escape for tea enthusiasts.

Despite a seemingly ample staff of 7/8, the lack of attention to basic cafe upkeep was evident.

The coffee tasted like dishwater, and the treacle tart seemed to have aged in storage for years, casting a shadow on the overall atmosphere.

Priced at £5, the ham toasted sandwich was a disappointment, appearing to be assembled with budget ingredients.

The cafe’s overall ambiance resembled a bygone era of greasy spoon establishments with lackluster customer service, rather than a cozy spot for enjoying tea or coffee amid pleasant surroundings.

Lakeside Tea Chalet fell short of providing the promised charm, making it a place to avoid for a satisfying afternoon tea.

15. The Cumberland Hotel

The Cumberland Hotel
34-36 Grand Parade, Eastbourne BN21 3YT, UK
01323 730342
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Nestled along the charming Grand Parade in Eastbourne, The Cumberland Hotel exudes 19th-century elegance.

The quaint seafront setting adds a touch of vintage allure, making it a must-visit for those seeking a classic afternoon tea experience.

The unfussy rooms and inviting ambiance make this historic hotel a delightful escape, and the on-site restaurant promises a tasteful journey into the traditions of British tea culture.

Indulging in afternoon tea at The Cumberland is like savoring a piece of history.

The tiered trays arrive adorned with delectable treats, featuring scones that boast a perfect balance of flakiness and softness.

Delight in the selection of finger sandwiches, each a petite masterpiece of freshness.

The pastries, a delightful mix of classics and creative innovations, showcase the culinary artistry of the hotel’s chefs.

Complemented by a variety of teas, this experience at The Cumberland Hotel is a delectable nod to tradition with a modern twist.

16. Café 32 Eastbourne

Café 32 Eastbourne
32 South St, Eastbourne BN21 4XB, UK
01323 720100
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For over a year now, it has been our go-to spot, thanks to Julie and her delightful team who always greet us warmly.

Whether it’s a quick bite or a leisurely afternoon tea, the quality and quantity never disappoint.

Expect a delectable assortment of sandwiches, scones, and cakes, all prepared with care and attention to detail.

Notably, their vegan breakfast and full English options are equally impressive, catering to various dietary preferences without compromising on flavor or value.

Without a doubt, Café 32 delivers an unforgettable dining experience, leaving you craving more with each visit.

17. The Pier Hotel

The Pier Hotel
4 Grand Parade, Eastbourne BN21 3EH, UK
01323 728313
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The Pier Hotel in Eastbourne is a delightful gem offering a laid-back ambiance with stunning sea views.

Situated right opposite the pier, its prime location is complemented by the convenience of a nearby bus stop, making it easily accessible from town or Hastings.

The hotel’s charm lies in its clean and cozy rooms, equipped with modern amenities like tea and coffee facilities, a hairdryer, and a fridge.

The staff’s politeness and helpfulness contribute to the overall positive experience, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The presence of a lift to all rooms adds to the convenience, making it an ideal spot for a relaxed afternoon tea.

At The Pier Hotel, indulge in a delightful afternoon tea experience in their tearoom.

The impeccable service extends to the dining experience, where you can savor a variety of treats in a serene setting.

The menu features a range of delectable options, from classic teas to gourmet delights.

Whether you opt for their buffet breakfast with a generous selection of cereals or the made-to-order hot and fresh English breakfast, The Pier Hotel ensures a satisfying culinary journey.

18. Devonshire Park Hotel

Devonshire Park Hotel
Devonshire Park Hotel, 27-29 Carlisle Rd, Eastbourne BN21 4JR, UK
01323 728144
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Nestled in the heart of Eastbourne, the Devonshire Park Hotel stands out as a must-visit for afternoon tea enthusiasts.

The Victorian charm of this hotel provides a relaxed and inviting atmosphere, making it an ideal spot to unwind.

With two lounges, a delightful dining area, and a charming garden, the ambiance sets the stage for a memorable experience.

The attentive staff, coupled with the promise of free breakfast, ensures a warm welcome that adds to the overall appeal.

Indulging in the afternoon tea at Devonshire Park Hotel is a treat for the senses.

The menu boasts an array of delectable treats, from freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam to an assortment of finger sandwiches that burst with flavor.

The culinary expertise is evident in each bite, creating a harmonious blend of traditional and innovative flavors.

With a variety of teas to accompany the feast, Devonshire Park Hotel takes the classic afternoon tea experience to a new level, making it a delightful culinary adventure.

19. Castle Cottage Tearoom

Castle Cottage Tearoom
High Street, Pevensey, Eastbourne BN24 5LE, UK
01323 762155
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Nestled against the historic walls of Pevensey Castle on High Street, Castle Cottage Tearoom is a must-visit for its enchanting ambiance.

The tearoom offers a delightful journey into the past, situated in the scenic South Downs near Eastbourne.

We initially stopped for coffee but couldn’t resist indulging in their cream tea.

While the scones were delightful, a homemade clotted cream option would have elevated the experience.

The tearoom boasts a variety of traditional cakes, ensuring there’s something for every palate.

The staff, from start to finish, were exceptionally polite and attentive, creating a homely atmosphere reminiscent of a bygone era.

The attention to detail in every aspect, from the elegant plates to the charming presentation of food, enhances the overall experience.

Despite a bit of chill, enjoying a tea in the garden would have been a delightful option.

In summary, Castle Cottage Tearoom comes highly recommended for those seeking a charming and tasteful retreat with excellent service and a variety of delectable treats.

20. Perch Princes Park

Perch Princes Park
princes park, Royal Parade, Eastbourne BN22 7LU, UK
01323 345500
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Perch Princes Park, nestled in the serene location of Princes Park, Eastbourne, is a delightful escape for a leisurely afternoon tea.

From the moment you step in, you’re greeted warmly by the staff, who guide you through the ordering process with efficiency and a smile.

The venue’s spacious layout allows for a comfortable and relaxed dining experience, with ample natural light flooding in, creating a serene ambiance.

Their afternoon tea spread is a testament to their commitment to quality and taste.

From delectable finger sandwiches to divine pastries, each bite is a symphony of flavors.

And let’s not forget about the coffee; it’s simply outstanding, setting a high standard for local brews.

Despite the top-notch quality, the prices remain reasonable, ensuring that indulgence doesn’t come at a hefty cost.

Overall, dining at Perch Princes Park is a delightful experience, offering a perfect blend of delicious food, impeccable service, and picturesque surroundings.

A heartfelt thank you to the team for a memorable meal—we’ll definitely be returning.

20 Best Afternoon Tea in Eastbourne, UK for 2024

  • The View Hotel Eastbourne
  • Langham Hotel
  • Hydro Hotel Eastbourne
  • The Lansdowne Hotel
  • Dickens Tea Cottage
  • The Victorian Tea Rooms
  • Afternoon Tea @ York House Hotel
  • JoJo’s Tea Room
  • Grand Hotel
  • Deliciously Gorgeous
  • Black Cat Tearooms
  • Holywell Tea Chalet
  • Damian’s Tearoom
  • Lakeside Tea Chalet
  • The Cumberland Hotel
  • Café 32 Eastbourne
  • The Pier Hotel
  • Devonshire Park Hotel
  • Castle Cottage Tearoom
  • Perch Princes Park
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